No matter how experienced you are at driving, there is always a serious statistical risk of being involved in a serious crash. Even with new safety technologies, improved roads and safer vehicles, traffic accidents remain an issue plaguing Bell County.

As recently as last month there was yet another 18 wheeler fatality.  Another serious recent wreck resulted in serious injuries but thankfully no fatalities.

Statistics for crashes in Bell County have shown little sign of improving. While TxDOT have yet to release the crash statistics for 2015 (they should be released sometime in May), 2014 data shows that there is a serious risk when driving in our county.

When it comes to total crashes, Bell County was among the top 20 counties in the entire state, coming in 17th overall. The total number of fatalities from these crashes was 34 in the county. 2013’s numbers were similar, with 36 fatalities occurring from 5,463 crashes.

Another startling statistic is just how many of these crashes occur on the roads most would deem the safest. Of 2014’s 34 fatalities, the majority occurred on US and State Highways (18 in total).  Farm to market roads and county roads, which are often derided as less safe, made up the remainder of fatalities.  Seven fatalities occurred on FM roads during the year.

In 2014, about one-half of all crashes in Bell County resulted in no injuries.  That is good news, and no doubt is due to safer auto designs.  In fact, the newer, safer automobiles may be masking the effects of increased speed limits and increased congestion on Central Texas roads.

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