Truck Wreck Resources

Trucking companies will play games

If you’ve been involved in a truck wreck — no matter who is apparently at fault —the trucking company will dispatch a team of lawyers immediately. The primary purpose of this effort is to paint you as being at fault.

These companies are well-versed in a series of games intended to obscure anything that may have happened that might force them to accept responsibility for a commercial truck wreck.

The dirty tricks we’ve seen commercial trucking companies try include:

  • Shred trucking logs against Rule 11 agreement
  • Launch “black ops” to steal evidence before lawyers can arrive
  • Delete or lose cell phones
  • Turn off GPS tracking
  • Re-set speed governors to 90 mph
  • Falsify logs
  • Falsify maintenance records
  • Unplug odometers (this will also disconnect the speedometer)
  • Hire cocaine users
  • Hire drug traffickers
  • Hire illegal aliens
  • Remove pornography from trucks after wrecks
  • Drive on bald tires
  • Fail to adjust brakes
  • Intimidate witnesses
  • Loaded two or three times overweight
  • Operate in dense fog
  • Hire drivers with sleep apnea
  • Failure to test for drugs
  • Failure to test for alcohol
  • Conceal texting while driving
  • Illegal radar detectors
  • Illegal u-turns
  • Improperly mounted tires
  • Loose wheels and axels
  • “Companions” in cab of truck
  • Meth and crack use
  • Prostitution

If you’ve been involved in a wreck with a commercial truck of any kind — regardless of who appears to be at fault — please contact an attorney familiar with Texas’ personal injury laws right away.