Wrongful Death

Find out if someone should pay
for your loved one’s death

When a loved one is killed because someone else was negligent or reckless, it can be devastating, especially if your family depends on that person for financial or emotional support.

When a life is lost as the direct result of a car wreck, a workplace accident or any other reckless activity, that is considered a wrongful death.

It could be death that occurred under circumstances for which a property property is liable or that a bar or restaurant served too much alcohol to your loved one or someone else resulting in the death of your loved one or others. A wrongful death could even be the negligent supervision by the management of your child’s daycare. Any reckless, negligent or wrongful activity that leads to a death is considered a wrongful death.

There are laws in place in Texas that allow surviving family members to file a wrongful death lawsuit. It is not a criminal case, it is a civil lawsuit which is intended to compensate survivors for the loss. Civil lawsuits can be very complicated. Consulting with an attorney is advisable.

Also, in Texas, the suit must be filed within two years from the date of death.

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